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    RNAscope®-ISH Press Release


    /PRNewswire/ -- Hematogenix® Laboratory Services (Hematogenix®), a leader in the field of integrated pathology services for drug development and clinical testing, today announced the availability of the Advanced Cell Diagnostics' (ACD) RNAscope® technology on an automated platform. Hematogenix® is the first laboratory to offer automated RNAscope ISH for both Pharma Services and Diagnostic Services. "Hematogenix's core expertise of pathology synergizes strongly with the RNAscope® platform, allowing us to elucidate valuable information from patient tissue specimens," said Dr. Hytham Al-Masri, CEO and Medical Director of Hematogenix®.

    RNAscope® enables the detection of mRNA by in situ hybridization (ISH). In situations when immunohistochemistry fails to detect the analyte, "RNAscope® may be the only viable test," comments Dr. Jason Hill, CSO at Hematogenix®. "This technology provides the drug developer or the physician an alternative method to identify and quantify any analyte in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded material." The scientists at Hematogenix® successfully demonstrated the detection of PD-L1 in human tissue specimens on their automated platform, a very attractive immunotherapy target for the pharmaceutical industry. Automated IGK/L assays for light-chain restriction (LCR) lymphoma testing will soon be validated according to (or per) CLIA requirements, as well. "We are confident that this automated technology, when deployed with the pathology expertise of Hematogenix® in our CLIA laboratory, will prove valuable in numerous clinical trial and testing settings," adds Dr. Al-Masri.

    Advanced Cell Diagnostics recently introduced the CLIA Certified RNAscope® Service Provider program. This program is designed to enable CAP/CLIA laboratories to support clinical trials for ACD's leading pharmaceutical clients and to ensure delivery of high quality pathology testing services. Each service provider receives extensive training on RNAscope technology and is required to pass a rigorous certification procedure. "Hematogenix® has proven itself in clinical pathology testing, translational research and PMA-class companion diagnostic development. Their clients speak highly of their capabilities and it speaks well of our automated RNAscope platform deployed by Hematogenix®," said Dr. Yuling Luo, Founder, President and CEO of ACD.

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      About Hematogenix®

      Hematogenix® is a CAP, CLIA certified laboratory with a full complement of board certified clinical, anatomic and research pathologists to provide consultation and guidance for each Pharma project. The company offers a comprehensive array of biomarker development and testing services designed to navigate the complexities of human subject clinical trials. Hematogenix® provides logistic management of tissue and sample procurement distributes collection kits and contributes to standards and procedures required for initiating a clinical trial. Powered by a state-of-the-art laboratory information system, Hematogenix® facilities and practices comply with rigorous chain of custody and specimen management practices.

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      About Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc.

      Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. is a leader in the emerging field of molecular pathology, developing cell and tissue-based research tools for all areas of biomedical research, and diagnostic tests for personalized medicine. The company's products and services are based on its proprietary RNAscope® technology, the most sensitive method available for RNA in situ hybridization, and the first quantitative and fully automated platform enabling multiplex fluorescent and chromogenic RNA biomarker analysis. ACD partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to validate biomarkers for targeted therapeutic development in cancer and other diseases. These partnerships provide the foundation for ACD to develop companion diagnostic tests in conjunction with partners' targeted therapeutics. ACD also pursues internal programs to develop proprietary diagnostic tests in cancer management. Learn more about ACD and RNAscope® technology at